Marc Jacobs

There was once again another shitstorm about Marc, this time for using Hip Hop as his main inspiration. Its tiring to see that all media react to every little insta scream. Just let him do fashion, and let him decide what to put on the cat walk. If he’s in the mood for Hip Hop why not. And yeah its actually NOW being used by all the mainstream bitches of the industry like: Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc. So shut the f up and look that Marc actually has been a pioneer for this.


  Light and fluffy. The Delpozo universe becomes ultra modern in terms of draping, volume and colors. Enjoy some of the best styles of their recent collection from NY Fashion Week. We specially like the pale colors which let’s you feel like you are in a little summer dream.  

Marc Jacobs

  There was a shitstorm about Marc using tribal hair references as a look for his models. Its just so wrong these days that this ‘over political correctness’ distroys even creativity. I mean since Galliano left Dior, a strong signal against Designer was sent around the globe. That shareholder and commerce is way more important to brands than their legacy. Shame, but welcome to today.  

Alexander Wang SS17

  A collection like this four years ago from now, wouldn’t have been possible. Fashion changed drastically over the years, it was somehow democratized. Wang continues his strong streetswear look for fearless women – we say profit as long as it works. For now we can’t see any changes coming.

Raf Simons

Just when we feel like todays Fashion has become so commercial and sort of impersonal and thus has lost a lot of its magic: we see this. Raf succeeds to create this little magic moments with his Shows. You can feel there is happening something, that he tries to express something: an attitude, an opinion. Raf is one that has understood that music is everything when it comes to runway Shows. With it, he creates such an emotional and sensual moment, which reminds us so much of Yves Saint Laurents personality. Someone that is a bit off the mainstream Fashion scene. We absolutely love Raf and the way he works.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is not a real fashion-fashion Brand, it’s core business are accessories. BUT there is Menswear by Design genius Kim Jones. He masters every collection to be super clean, high-end and elegant. Here a bit disappointed by the collaboration with streetwear Brand Supreme. But it all sticks with the ongoing Streetswear/Blogger disaster Style. Fashion is still stuck and needs to find its path to future. Transition is awaited.

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