Dolce Gabbana

We know that Fashion currently is facing a huge Identity crisis. The recent Men’s Collection of Dolce Domenico and Stefano Gabbana did pay tribute to that. With it’s 90’s Disco trash setting and the cheap blue and yellow hotel rug, a hipster Instagram Rapper did not help to improve the situation. While the Brand pursue their path of persistently inviting the young crowd aka Instagram self famed Personalities, this for sure is an easy and quick way to engage with the young crowd.

While the bossy singer disturbed the runway models, we still couldn’t lose the feeling that we’re caught in the remains of a 90’s Italian trash Talkshow, just that the people don’t talk, they walk. Uncomfortable ugliness, a mix of the mix, boring stereotypic ‘Hipster Fashion Week Streetstyle’ – loveless arranged.

Diversification fail with models and not models mixed in one show that looked more like a Fashion School’s class carnival show rather than a serious luxury brand level runway lineup. A collection without conception, just maybe to boost ‘socialwhores Instagram pic-liking factor’ which sadly is actually working.

Teddybears on top of cheap/middle quality clothes clearly continues to lower the status of this Italian Luxurybrand. DG is also concerned by the widely spread problem that upscale brands became way to accessible today, which combined with the ridiculousness of the collection destroys any luxury brand credibility.

Further DG brings back cheapness as we just forgot about the low-end second line D&G which screamed trash. But they had no shame to dress models again with T-shirt’s bearing the DG Logo very similar to once so famed D&G T-shirts. Again we see female Models in a mens show, proves rather that the collection needs improvement or the men’s casting.


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